∫Showtime Joker Free Movie


  1. release date 2019
  2. Genres Drama
  3. rating 772483 Votes
  4. Tomatometers 9 / 10
  5. cast Joaquin Phoenix

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Joker will always be one of the most iconic villains in pop culture. In this dark movie, mental illness and injustice drive a simple man into madness as he struggles to be a comedian and put a smile on people’s faces. I’ve never liked Joaquin Phoenix and his movies, but he did a wonderful job as Batman’s archenemy.

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I loved the movie, great actor great acting
It was soooooo good
Sad and depressive
But cool.
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Has to be the greatest individual performance, and also backed by equally good background score.
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This move is a masterpiece. If DCEU started with this movie, they would be controlling the media now. All the controversy surrounding this film is baseless and just dumb.
It’s a must watch 10/10.
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This is no action movie. This is no gratuitous big budget super hero movie. This is no 2 dimensional comic cell with flashes and bangs. This is not for the shallow drones attending opening night for every summer blockbuster Disney remake. There will be no spoon feeding here. There will be no happy endings or warm feelings.
Here you will find hurt. Here you will find pain and agony. Here you will find tragedy and circumstance. Here you will find guilt and regret.
Here you will find Art.
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Why in the hell would they make a movie like that. There are enough problems in the world.
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