Gadna Experience

We will experience 5 days of Tzahal Basic Training in the special GADNA program.

The participants will live the life of an Israeli Soldier on a real Tzahal Army base with a Tzahal uniform. They will go through intense training which will include various aspects of what it means to be soldier.
They will have shooting range practice and self-defense courses.
The program will take place only if a minimum amount of participants sign up.


Basic Army Training

All participants will get a Tzahal Uniform, will have Mefakdim (officers) and will be required to follow the rules of the Army Base which include:

  1. Following all the “Pkudot” of the “Mefakdim” (all the directives of the officers)
  2. Strict adherence to all times of activities including wake-up, curfew and Tfilot
  3. Participation in all activities and army training sessions
  4. “Toranut Mitbach” (Kitchen Duty), “Toranut Sheirutim” (Bathroom Cleaning – only the ones that are used by you) etc.
  5. “Sadaut” – one night sleeping in a tent in the field with Toranut Shmira (guard duty)
  6. “Mitvach” (Target Practice)


Special Equipment for Gadna:

  1. Good pair of closed shoes (highly recommended but not critical)
  2. Sheet and pillowcase
  3. Medical: If  you have a pre-existing medical condition (i.e. asthma, healed broken bone etc.), that will not enable you participate in extended strenuous physical activity with with fire sprinkler services , the army has requested that in addition to the regular medical which we have on file, that you request from your doctor a letter that states the amount of time you can do strenuous physical activity and how much rest time you need before the next activity.