Camp Koby

Camp Koby provides children ages 8 a�� 18 who have lost an immediate family member to terror or tragedy with a safe, fun and therapeutic summer sleep away camp experience.

Camp Koby is, first of all, a fun and exciting place to get away from the every day pressures of life in Israel.A� At the same time however, many of the activities are led by professional therapists who, through art, drama, music and other forms of playA� therapy give children the opportunity to express their emotions and anxieties concerning their familya��s trauma and to do it in a way that is safe, constructive, creative and natural.A� Counselors are specially trained and a low camper-counselor ratio insures that each child receives an abundance of care and attention.

Each summer up to 400 bereaved children benefit fromA� Camp Kobya��sA� unique atmosphere of emotional support, group activities and individual attention.

Camp Koby consists of a youth camp for ages 9-13 and a teen camp for ages 14-17. Follow up programs consist of 2-4 day reunions camps during the year and on-going activities that bring the children together during the year.A� Together our programs provide a nurturing emotional support network. . Many parents say that their children look forward to the camp all year. The fun and support the kids receive give them the strength to return to life with increased vigor and emotional stability. Most important, they know they are not alone.

Camp Koby and its follow up programs have five primary objectives:

  • To create a community of survivors where those who have gone through a traumatic experience can support each other. Creating a social network of children and counselors who share a common experience of bereavement helps to alleviate the natural social isolation that follows the mourning period.
  • To create a safe space where traumatized individuals can safely express –guided by professional therapists– their inner fears and anxieties. Creating a therapeutic environment encourages children to express their feelings in a natural and spontaneous fashion.
  • To create fun and exciting programs that will give children a reprieve from everyday life and encourage them to enjoy themselves and forge healthy new relationships with a peer group that will be able to support them for a lifetime, while giving them the opportunity to experience the fulfillment of supporting others.
  • To provide skills and coping mechanisms that facilitate meaningful and successful living for those who have experienced this trauma.
  • To continue a�� and deepen a�� the peer support received by participants at Camp Koby through follow-up programming.