The Foundation

kobyI feel sorry for  the person who was killed but I feel sorrier for the people
left behind.” – Koby Mandell

Spoken to a classmate at the funeral of a father of 6, three months before Koby himself was murdered.

The Koby Mandell Foundation aims to create a Jewish response to the impact of terror and tragedy — helping bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings re-build their lives, and create meaning out of suffering. Programs bridge the isolation children and adults experience after the loss of a loved one. The emotional, physical, and spiritual healing process in our programs engenders a support network for grieving families.

Grief can destroy not just a family, but generations. There are ravaged societies that turn their pain into hate. But that is not the Jewish response. The Koby Mandell Foundation helps families keep their hearts and spirits open. By facing pain with the support and love of others, families can be strengthened, not destroyed. That is the Koby Mandell Foundation’s response to terrorism.

Through lectures, articles, books and the arts, our goal is to inspire people throughout the world to realize their full human potential not in spite of, but in light of the challenges they must overcome and engender in them a respect and love for Judaism and the Jewish people.

Our final and overarching goal is to replace the power and love taken from the world by the murder by Palestinian terrorists of 13 year old Koby Mandell z”l in 2001.